“Anything is possible with coffee and lashes”- unknown but smart person

Not unlike when Ross and Rachel were “on a break” in the third season of Friends, my lash extensions and I parted ways last week after I decided it was time for a “break”.  I hesitated to post about this topic in light of appearing vain, but my eyelash extensions were way harder to break up with than I had anticipated (I knew I would miss them, I just had no idea how much).

Look at that fan!

I have had extensions on for almost 2.5 years. I had them on and off years ago but this last round began with going to Vegas for a bachelorette party and I just kept going with them. They were long, fluffy and they made me look both awake and “done” with zero effort. When I had no time, all I had to do was brush them, slap on a little under-eye concealer and I was out the door. They drew attention to my eyes and gave me a much needed zap of confidence, so much so that I didn’t mind paying to have them filled every 3-4 weeks.

No makeup, un-washed and un-brushed hair (aka a rats nest!) but amazing lashes !


I think part of the reason I was hooked was because they were just so darn good. Not too long, not too full and they didn’t look artificial like many lash extensions tend to (some lashes boarder on tacky, mine never did). My long-time friend and aesthetician is a true artist when it comes to lashes, she is fussy with her technique; ensuring safe application that protects the condition of your own lashes while giving you a natural enhancement you just can’t help but adore (Bonus; she is the kindest, cutest and loveliest human being, follow her on Instagram- ‘stellalashlover’- to see her incredible work that goes well beyond lashes). FYI- If your lashes are applied with proper technique, they should just fall out with the natural progression and shed with your own lashes. If they aren’t applied with proper technique, they may be too heavy or have too much glue and can cause your own lashes to become brittle or to fall out prematurely which can damage your lashes for a long-ass time. A LONG-ASS TIME (that is super long in “Mich-time”).

So, now that I have talked about why lash extensions were the best (aka- confidence, pretty eyes with no effort, looking awake on virtually zero minutes of sleep), lets talk about why I decided to take a break. I honestly didn’t have one giant reason. I found I was shedding lashes more than I used to and this is likely related to my own lash cycle not the extensions. I thought it was a little frivolous and that I could try to roll without them to save a little cash and honestly, I just needed a break from them. Stella was super supportive through this decision, she wiped them clean and gave me a lash lift- to add a little curl and height to my own natural lashes.

Above- Post lash removal with zero makeup. Below -my eyes after the lift with no mascara/makeup (made a very big difference).

I will be honest, when I had them taken off I felt a lot less cute and a whole lot more bald. I was shocked at the change. I have always had healthy lashes and an abundance of them, but they have never been super long.  As lashes fall out naturally, the longest ones go first- so many of my longest lashes fell out with the extensions leaving me looking a little extra bald. Luckily, because Stella is the best, my lashes had no damage and were in tip-top condition. The lift made a big difference and once I applied mascara, I felt a whole lot less bald, but still significantly less cute and glam than with my extensions- but all of that was to be expected.

I bought a fabulous mascara by Benefit (Bad-Gal BANG) one that seems like the perfect mix between my old go-to (MAC Zoom-FAST – which doesn’t exist anymore) for it’s wetness (I LOVE wet mascara), my second fave which was the Too-Faced ‘Better Than Sex‘ mascara and my third fave which was the Benefit ‘They’re Real‘ mascara. This new one is wet, has a rubber applicator with a TON of bristles, it stays in place and it both darkens and lengthens without leaving you looking like a raccoon/spider hybrid. Win-win. I also bought a lash serum called Eye Envy that has excellent reviews with what seems like none of the side effects that some of the other highly reccomended lash serums seem to have. I found a new eye-liner by NYX that is possibly even better than the Kat Von D one I had been using for years. I messaged Keiko Lynn on insta and asked her what her #1 eyeliner is (her liner is perfection in all her posts). She wrote me back (!!!!) and she suggested the Matte Liquid NYX liner and said her second fave was the Kat Von D one I already loved.  After taking it for a test spin, I 100% agree with her and it is half the price! Thanks Keiko, you are adorable.

It has been a week without extensions and so far, it’s not that bad. The worst part of not having extensions is taking off mascara (that stuff is a real bitch). Will I get extensions back eventually? Yep, that is very likely but for now,  I am taking a break and seeing what that serum can do! Any questions, feel free to comment on here or send me a message on Instagram.

** all pics of extensions and lifts are taken by @stellalashlover and the ones post lash lift have NO mascara or serum, all natural baby!



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