“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”-F.Scott Fitzgerald

It is finally starting to feel like fall in Halifax. Last week it was 15 degrees and the crocuses were peeking their purple heads up two seasons early. This week there has been rain and when there isn’t rain we are hovering just above zero at night. This makes for marvellous sleeping, rain boots and tartan scarves (my fav). It also makes for dry skin.

My face gets dry starting around Halloween and ending in May. Like clockwork. Every year. I am talking crocodile skin and only on my damn nose. Yes, there are likely far worse things but NOTHING has helped. I have even sought professional advice BEYOND the doors of Sephora. I have educated myself about the benefits of almost every aspect of skin care in the last year and have tested approximately 1,587 products (maybe a slight exaggeration), all in the hopes of preventing the flakey nose situation.

I have learned a lot, my skin looks better than ever, I finally have a routine and I have found a couple incredible products that I thought I would share with you all. Before you say it or judge me, I know what you are thinking; A skin care regime is expensive and many products don’t have visible results. This may be true but you only get one skin, one face and you may as well treat it kindly. Many of you pay a lot to maintain your hair and that is technically just dead keratin. Your skin is the largest organ your body has, it prevents against infection/disease and it makes you look damn fine when it is glowing and healthy. Good quality products last a long time (months and months), a little can go a very long way and there is nothing wrong with prevention.

I am far from an expert, my routine is incredibly basic and limited but here it is as well as some products I love. If you are going to grow your skin care regime I highly recommend testing products before purchasing as well as building it up over time (your bank account will thank you).  As well as below, I also exfoliate every week and try to drink buckets (well lots!) of water everyday.

#1- The most important thing about skin care is… wash your damn face. Don’t sleep in your makeup, don’t be lazy, please wash the day away (makeup, environmental contaminants, sweat). If you have to skip washing your face, do that in the morning. Some people like gels, some like creams, some like miceller water and lately people have bee raving about oil cleansers. Use something you like that doesn’t dry out your skin or leave a residue (i.e. cleansing wipes). It doesn’t have to be expensive, Iris Apfel, the queen herself, uses Cetaphil. Spectro-Gel is also highly recommended. I personally have been loving Pro-Derm’s Gentle Cleanser. It is plant based, oil free, made in Canada, takes off every lick of my makeup and it smells like lavender. Only catch is that other people love it too, it is currently sold out country wide.

#2- Moisturize before you put on your makeup. I personally don’t use a primer but I prep my skin pre-makeup with a decent “light’ cream or oil . If you want to use a day serum (I use a vitamin C one) apply it before the moisturizer. You may want to consider a moisturizer with SPF if your makeup is lacking it. The sun causes not only wrinkles and dark spots but more and more young people are experiencing skin cancer. No one needs that. I personally use a tinted moisturizer that has SPF in it and I like to use Josie Maran Light Oil during the day (expert tip- the travel size bottle will last about a year, you only need a couple of drops).


#3- Don’t forget about those peepers. The skin around your eyes is very thin and very delicate.  Applying a moisturizer to the area before concealer will not only prep and protect it but it will also (depending on what you use) minimize the fine lines that makeup likes to get caught in and may reduce puffiness. I have been using Origin’s GinZing around my eyes in the am and I LOVE it. It has caffeine to de-puff and it is sightly illuminating which helps when covering dark circles. I have also switched up my everyday concealer. I have used Benefit for years and just about concealer in their repertoire. They are great for occasions where you really need some mega coverage (aka no sleep for a week, or maybe if you go to a ball with Prince Charming) but they are heavy on your delicate skin. Lately I have opted for Sephora’s Bright Future concealer. It’s light, it colour corrects, it doesn’t cake in fine lines and it has a serum built in. It is also half the price of most concealers and you need very little. Tip- use your ring finger to gently pat on eye creams and blend concealer for less pulling.


#4- Night-time. There is a million recommendations out there for pre-bed skin care. I say “wash your damn face”. That is the most important step. If you want to get fancy, use a gentle retinol and/or peptide containing serum. Retinol is basically high dose vitamin A. It will promote collagen production and prevent fine lines. If you are using retinol, which is recommended for anyone over the age of 30, wear sunscreen. It will make your skin more sensitive to UV. After the serum (or after washing your face if you are skipping the heavy hitting vitamins) apply a cream. Maybe one that is heavier than your day cream depending upon your needs.  My dry nose requires a little uuuumph so I have been using Pro-Derm’s Regenerating Cream (and it has been working!!!!!!). Don’t forget about moisturizing your neck (it needs love too) and you may want to try an anti-aging eye cream or gel.

Tah-dah. There you have it, that is what works for me and honestly my skin is 10000X better than it has ever been.


For the fall I am obsessed with MAC’s lipstick in “Craving” – it is the perfect pop of plumb and far deeper than it appears on the website- see my mug below. I am also loving a cheapie blush from Milani in Dolce Pink (which is almost identical to Nars Orgasm) and in Barry Amore. They clock in under ten dollars, they are highly pigmented and they rival any of the MAC baked blushes.


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