Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.-unknown 

Today is my birthday. Being my birthday I am allowed to indulge myself in things that I like, no matter how “kitschy” or tacky they are right? Too much pink? No such thing. Pink flamingos ? Sure why not. Cake for lunch? A healthy, well rounded choice. Glittery nails that I will need to remove with a palm-sander?  100% worth it. 

Honestly, I have really been feeling the flamingos as of late. I have always had a love for them, especially the tack-tastic, pink plastic lawn variety. I  keep willing the world to have some magically appear when I am thrifting, just to give me an excuse to indulge my kitschy side in a big way. I own a powder pink silk dress covered in flamingos that I like to admire about once a week. It is fabulous, a touch silly and doesn’t take itself too seriously which I love whole heartedly. My makeup bags mimic the same…

This week I was at the dollar store and I stumbled across the cutest little wire flamingos for flower pots. I didn’t hesitate and I scooped up the only ones they had. I also picked up some bright pink plastic buckets because I couldn’t turn them down for a dollar. My timing was impeccable because Kent had fall mums on for five dollars plus buy one get one half off. Amazing except they came in ugly black buckets which just so happened to nestle perfectly in the pink ones I had just bought on a whim!

At this point I must admit my front steps were looking sharp with the pink buckets, mums and tiny flamingos. I honestly didn’t think it could get much better until I was gifted an antique chair that was destined for the dump. I gave it a quick sand with a palm sander and sprayed it with a clear protective coat. This took all of five minutes and now it is acting as a flower pot holder and come October it will be the perfect pumpkin perch. For twenty dollars my little step was elevated to the perfect kitschy entryway. Is it a little too much pink and maybe a little loud ? Sure… But why not be a flamingo in a sea of pigeons right ?


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