“It’s not about what it is- It’s about what it can become..”-Dr.Seuss

Have you ever seen something and lusted after it? Saw it and was instantly able to picture exactly where it would fit into your life. Maybe it was the perfect pair of black pumps that would “go with anything” in your closet. Maybe it was a high end soy candle you would never buy unless you had a gift card ( ’cause they are that damn expensive). Maybe it’s the sixty dollar yoga mat that you can’t justify when you can have four for that price but still, you can picture how much better your sun salutations could be if you only had it! I am so good at this game. Professional level good.

When I was in grade three I missed a month of recess. An entire month of recess. Wanna know why? I spent the morning day dreaming. Instead of working on my cursive, I was busy looking out the window and dreaming about whatever eight year old Micheline dreamt about. I still do this all the time, always have and I probably always will. It’s harmless, it doesn’t take up much of my time, I don’t miss out on anything (like cursive, and in case you are wondering I can and do still write in cursive so it didn’t really hold me back too much).  I know the difference between lust and love when it comes to personal possessions. I can walk away from almost anything, EVEN if I can picture exactly where it may fit in my life and how “happy” it may make me at that moment. I have a rule that if I am still thinking about it in a week and if I can get it without tapping into my savings, I can consider buying it. Nine times out of ten I don’t think about it again.

I wish that was the case with a vase I stumbled upon recently. A rose bowl to be specific, dusted with golden polka dots. I love fresh flowers, I always have fresh flowers, so it was exceptionally easy to see exactly where it would fit into my life ( clearly, it would happily live in the middle of my farm table with a handful of  roses from the farmer’s market). A week went by and I was still thinking about it. Two weeks went by and I was still lusting after it. There was just one teensie, tiny, little problem. It was seventy-five plus dollars. Kate Spade, in all of her cuteness, created the sweetest little rose bowl that I just couldn’t justify. Seventy-five dollars is groceries, one winter tire, an eye exam. Seventy-five dollars is a great hair cut with a just as great of a tip. Seventy-five dollars is gas and the bridge toll to get home to my red dirt island. I lusted and I swooned but I didn’t crack. Instead I became inspired.

I went to the dollar store and bought a rose bowl for less than three dollars. Then I went to the craft store and bought a multi-surface gold paint from the paint isle (this keeps it wash-able, it even claims to be dishwasher safe!). Armed with some dollar store paint brushes, I free handed on the cheap-o rose bowl. Although the paint didn’t leave quite the gilded effect I was hoping for (turns out gold paint isn’t quite as “gold and shiny” as one would hope), I have to say it’s a bang up job for five dollars including all of the supplies and 1/2 an hours work. If you are not inclined to free hand, a stencil would work just as well and for the record, I did three coats of the gold paint!

Happy lusting all! And happy scrimping and saving!


My version:


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