Oh Me? I’m not 80% Water..

“Oh me? I’m not 80% water, I’m 80% coffee and a little bit of sass.”-Zoey Deschanel

I will be entirely honest with all of you, if my life had a flavour, it would be coffee. Coffee gives me a false sense of productivity,  makes me feel more alert than I probably am and it is a deliciously aromatic alternative to full-on hating mornings. Let me be real with you, I am not a morning person, I am a coffee person.

If I had to pick a pass-time or hobby that I am most skilled and proficient at, it would  be drinking coffee. I am not talking about just drinking coffee; I am talking about cinnamon sprinkling, two-hands on the mug, devouring the perfect french press that’s sometimes so strong it wakes up the neighbours, kind of coffee drinking.

Because I love coffee so much, I also shamelessly take pictures (and I mean lots of pictures) of the coffee I am enjoying at any given time. Embarrassing for those around me? Probably. A little excessive? Yes, for certain. Does it lump me into a weird crowd of people who take way too many pictures with their handheld devices? Yeah… Am I embarrassed? No. Should I be? Maybe.

See a small (yes…small) sample of some of the coffee shots on my phone below, as well as directions to make the perfect cup of french press coffee! Happy brewing all!

How to make the perfect cup of French press coffee (ever).
You will need:

  • A French press (I use a bodum, press coffee in general lets you enjoy the oils that are naturally found in the coffee bean that are often filtered out by coffee filters, this is why it tastes so good!).
  • Four tablespoons of fresh, coarsely ground coffee
  • Sprinkle of cinnamon (optional but I strongly suggest trying!)
  • Boiling water
  • A wooden or rubber spoon
  • Your favourite mug
  • Whatever you dress your coffee with (milk, cream, sugar etc.)

Boil water and remove the plunger from your press. Place coffee and cinnamon in bottom of the press. When water is boiled, pour directly on top of coffee grounds and fill to about an inch from the top of your press. Stir with wooden/rubber spoon (metal may risk smashing the glass!) and place plunger on top of the coffee, resting near the top of the carafe. Wait 3-4 minutes and when the time is up gently and slowly press the plunger down, this will push all of the grounds to the bottom of the carafe and trap them there. Pour into your favourite mug and enjoy naked or dressed the way you normally enjoy a cup of coffee!

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