Cheers To a New Year…

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”

– Oprah Winfrey
With New Year’s Day around the corner, resolutions have taken the place of sugar plums and are vigorously tap dancing their way through our heads. Workout wear has been moved to the front of stores and everyone is looking for a break from butter laden dishes and holiday overindulgence.
I have a feeling 2015 is going to be a big year for me. I will embark on a new adventure in the form of a new-to-me job (one that will take my career to new heights!). 2015 also means that I gain a new extended family and I will have the pleasure of watching four of my oldest and dearest friends walk down the isle. Like I said- a big year ! 
I hope that your holiday was warm, fuzzy and bubbly (and sweet like champagne). I also hope that 2015 allows you all to celebrate new beginnings and that you can enjoy making (and breaking) resolutions. 
To help you all kick-start your new year, I am including a super easy recipe that is sure to please at any gathering. My lovely friend Gina brought them to a party and I have now served them at least once to my family (with rave reviews!). The simple and flavourful ingredients combine together to make possibly, the perfect “finger food”.

Happy New Year!!

Fresh Basil and Apricot App
You will need….
-one small package of goat cheese (plain but you can use light!)
– 10 to 15 leaves of fresh basil 
– a package of dried apricots 
– raw almonds (enough to top each apricot ). 
Finely chop basil leaves and add to a small bowl with goat cheese. Mix well and set aside (this is extra good when allowed to set overnight for flavours to blend). Lay apricots out on a serving platter. Top with a small amount (maybe 1/2 a tsp.. see pictures) of goat cheese and then top with almond. Thaaah-dah! It is that easy and a totally amazing combination of flavours ! Enjoy ! 

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