I Would Rather Have Flowers In My Hair..

“I would rather have flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck.” -Emma Goldman

Recently a few friends and I attended a flower crown workshop in the North End of Halifax. It was hosted by the ever adorable Nicole McInnis- founder and master mind behind Oh Dina! Oh Dina is an adorable little studio where Nicole hand crafts millinery and beautiful bridal accessories. Her pieces are feminine with a vintage feel and are known for elevating bridal looks all across North America.

You can find her products online and in boutiques across the Country. Her custom pieces are lovely and I haven’t gone a weekend without seeing someone walking down the street, donning a beautiful flower crown courtesy of her shop or a flower crown workshop.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when we signed up but not only was it a fun and entertaining way to spend an evening but it was a great way to meet new people and network a little in the Halifax community. It opened dialogue among people who probably would have never crossed paths and it allowed everyone to get their creative juices flowing. We drank wine and assembled beautiful head pieces out of the flowers we chose. Every crown created was unique and we all looked fabulous walking down Agricola street wearing our custom pieces, heading in the direction of more wine.  I highly recommend participating in a workshop or checking her out online- what a wonderful local artisan to have based in our city!

You can find Oh Dina ! on her website (here) and you can follow her on instagram (user name-OHDINA).You can also check out all of the flower crowns created in her workshops by searching the hashtag #flowercrownhfx !
Happy crowning all!

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