“Creativity takes courage.”-Henri Matisse

In the time since I last posted, Halloween and Thanksgiving have come and gone. My computer has all but died (no amount of resuscitation or intensive care seems to be enough) and I am knee deep in new certifications for the new-to-me job I will be starting in January.  I also made a very “adult” purchase today; I bought a new oven. Why did I have to buy a new one? As I was taking my perfectly browned, 15 pound turkey out of the oven for Thanksgiving dinner, my oven door fell right off. Crash, bang, boom. I saved the turkey but couldn’t save the oven. Luckily the stove still worked and my pie had been baked in the morning. My guests didn’t starve and all was well in the world. I am sure the waistlines of myself, and those belonging to my co-workers are the only to suffer through this oven-less ordeal. Sigh…

I have finally completed the “gallery wall” in my living room. I had been on the hunt for ages for pieces that both fit the space and spoke to me.  I am happy to say all of my gallery prints were purchased from local shops and/or are all printed printed locally and/or designed by local artists! I am proud to be from Atlantic Canada and am glad to continue to live in such a beautiful place so I may as well show it off !

Over five years I have collected or received these prints. As they are all unique and are all different styles I framed them in simple black gallery frames. Some frames were matted, others were not but the simple frames helped to keep the pieces uniform. I must admit, I was a little leery of traveling all of the way up to the ceiling in a fairly scattered way but I am glad I did! If you are interested in owning any of the above prints or checking out more local art and gift ware you can find them and much more in the links provided below! Happy decorating!

Poster Boy – The Atlantic Canada print, and  many more of his fantastic screen printed and hand framed art can be found here.

The Girl From Away and English Muffin Print Shop– The lighthouse! You can find  it and other awesomeness here and here.

All others can be picked up at Dots and Loops (here), Kept (here) and Inkwell (here) which are some of my very favourite and adorably curated local shops! Check them out, you will not be disappointed!

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