Know Your Food…

“Know your food, know your farmers and know your kitchen.”-Joel Salatin

I truly LOVE the farmers market and the fall is the best time to go. Veggies are fresh and the stands are positively teeming with ripe apples, peaches and plums. Roadside stands are full of variety and if you live anywhere with a decent farming industry, fresh and delicious produce is often just a few steps from your door. This time of year I go to the market weekly, whether it is the little stand on the bottom of my street, the Halifax Seaport market or any of the ones in the Valley. Plus, nothing beats a beer steamed sausage when you are hung over and can smell the wine from the night before seeping out of your pores. At least that is what I am told….

Last weekend I made hot pepper jelly. I refrained from setting my stove on fire this year (yay!) and managed to produce about fifty jars without any serious injury (apart from one burning eye, damn jalapenos!). I picked up the peppers for a song in the valley the day before and the entire process (minus the cost of the jars) cost about $20 and five hours of my Sunday. There is something fantastic about the “pop” the lids make as they seal. Yes, I sounds like a little old lady but canning is a dying art form and somebody has to carry the torch (honestly how many 20-somethings do you know making pickles, jams and jellies on their weekends?). Plus hot pepper jelly is the very best with a little goats cheese.

Want to make hot pepper jelly too? Find my recipe here. Happy marketing all and happy fall!

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