So Long Summer..

“So long summer, hello fall!”-Everyone on the East Coast

Even though it is still technically summer by dates, the weather is quickly changing and it feels like fall. Starbucks is advertising pumpkin spiced lattes, university students are already a little homesick and all of my flower pots have abruptly gone to seed. I am certain many people are beginning to mourn the loss of summer and how abruptly she came to an end. I am a little bummed but I love fall and feel like there is so much to look forward to. Dark lipsticks, tights, scarves and boots. Pumpkins, jellies and kitchens slightly nutty with the warm aroma of cinnamon (honestly, I can’t get enough cinnamon). The leaves change and the air is crisp. I really can’t see what there isn’t to love about fall.

Summer did fly by and here in Nova Scotia the weather was uncharacteristically humid and cool. Beach days were few and far between but I made the best of it with a trip home to the beautiful Prince Edward Island (where you honestly can’t drive straight in one direction for more than 20 minutes without reaching the ocean). I antiqued, went to the beach and spent lots of time with family and good friends. Some pictures from my summer adventures are below! Happy fall everyone!

              Halifax Public Gardens
                Dee Dee’s icecream
                 Chester Nova Scotia
              Greenwhich beach, PEI
                    Sun dried laundry

Raspberries from my garden

              A red dirt road on PEI

Yellow canola field on PEI

                     East Point, PEI
         Province House, Charlottetown
        Nanny and Papa in the gardens
            East Point lighthouse

Inside of a little lighthouse

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