Sometimes The Dustiest Cover…

“Sometimes the dustiest cover hides the best book. Sometimes the best cup is chipped.”-Once Upon A Time

There is nothing worse than chipping your dinnerware. Well, that is a lie. There are so many things worse than chipping a mug or a plate that I wont even get into them because that list is probably endless. It is however, very frustrating, especially when it happens to be your all-time-favourite coffee mug. The mug that you use every single time you have coffee in the morning and the same mug you enjoy your sleepy-time tea in before bed. It is even more frustrating when you have no idea how or why that little chip happened. It is as if the magical little Chip Fairy danced herself into your kitchen when you were asleep and wreaked havoc. What is one to do with all of these lovely pieces of broken porcelain? I personally, have a horrible time throwing them out. I tend to put them under my sink (I really, truly am not a hoarder) to save for some unknown purpose.

Today I was under my sink looking for paper towel when my I noticed three of these ill-fated mugs collecting dust. I pulled them out, washed them up and decided they deserved a purpose. I went to a local greenhouse with a plan to purchase some succulents (they are so trendy and modern right now!). Turns out succulents are hard to find in Nova Scotia, so I settled on some waxy little flowers in bright colors. I took them home, threw a little gravel in the bottom of my mugs, transferred the flowers and topped them off with some good quality potting soil. They look adorable and you can’t even see the chips! They have already made washing dishes in my sink more enjoyable! Happy up-cycling all, save all those cute tea cups and coffee mugs to make yourselves a windowsill garden.

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