It Is Easily Overlooked….

“It is easily overlooked that what is now called vintage was once brand new..”- Tony Visconti

I love to thrift. Thrift stores, yard sales and roadside garbage retrievals give me a thrill. Records, old furniture, vintage dresses and costume jewellery are among my favourite things! Classic pieces have grace and class that is hard to find these days and nothing, I mean notta, was made of rinky dink press board back in the day. Solid wood baby, dove tail joints and scrolly details unparallelled. I guess I am just an old fashioned kind of girl.

I often make a point to make runs to the “Sally-Ann” and yesterday after very little post night shift sleep, I bombed off to value village with a plan to make some cake plates out of vintage dishes. Nothing spoke to me; that is until I was paroozing among the costume jewelry. A couple of vintage broaches caught my eye and at three for five dollars, I really couldn’t leave them there. I had to bring them home and make good use of them.

After a glass of wine and a tiny bit of not-so-careful consideration, I gathered some crafting hair clips and some Goop (seriously the BEST adhesive on the face of this earth, that shit will make anything stick forever and ever amen..). I used my badass wire cutters/pliers to snip and pry the pin backings off of the two lovely vintage broaches. Then I decided where to place the clip on the back considering how to keep them from eyes view as well as which direction I would like the broach to sit in my hair. Using Goop (with the windows open, that stuff is stanky), I adhered the clips to the back of the broaches and allowed them to dry overnight. It was exactly a five minute and six dollar project. Quick and dirty but yielding adorable results that have an unexpected quirky flair. They give my short crop a little bit of feminine edge and I will be keeping my eye out for more in the future.

Happy upcying!

ps. You can use anything, buttons would be equally as adorable as would broken pieces of vintage tea cups and saucers (that will be my next project!)

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