If Bad Decorating Was A Hanging Offence…

“If bad decorating was a hanging offence, there would be bodies hanging from every tree…”- Sylvester Stalone

First of all, I think it is hilarious that when looking for quotes about home decorating the one that stuck out to me the most was one by Sylvester Stalone. Who would have thunk it that good old Rambo, Rockie-the-guy- next-door was so versed and opinionated in home decor.

The thing about home decor is that everyone has their own taste. That is what makes it fun. You can do whatever you want with your space and not have to worry about what anyone else may think. You are into bold wallpapers, go for it. Love country kitchen and roosters? Well the world is your oyster, cover your entire house in roosters if you so choose.

I have an eclectic taste to say the very least. I like character and have penchant towards objects from yester years. I love to parooze for old records, furniture and knick-knacks at antique shops. I love cast iron rads, old mouldings around windows and I truly believe that no hardwood shines as bright as vintage hardwood when it is well taken care of (not to mention you can’t hurt it). That said I also love modern colours, modern light fixtures and graphic prints. I believe in my own little world modern and old world charm can live harmoniously together. At least that is what I keep telling myself. My dining room has bold vintage feeling floral wallpaper but it also has an extremely modern light fixture. It works for me!

When I first moved into my house, I found myself desperate to fill up the walls. I wanted everything new and fresh. I wanted it painted and renovated and “perfect”. It took a bit of time but I eventually realised that if I bought stuff just to have it instead of waiting for the perfect pieces I would soon be unhappy with them and would just pay to replace them. I have done a lot around my house in two years (I find it hard to believe it has been two years) but I have a list longer than I am tall of projects to be completed. No matter how creative you get, renovations are expensive and the thing about home ownership is something will always come up!

I waited two years to buy something to hang on the main wall in my living room. I couldn’t find what I wanted and to be honest, I don’t think I really knew what I was looking for. When I moved in I hung the prints that I had bought for my first apartment on my own. They served me well for eight years but they were a little tired and worn. Then one day a few weeks back I came upon two printed canvases that sort of spoke to me. They were in muted greens and blues and were modern, graphic prints . I was surprised that I liked them as much as I did since they were so modern and to be honest…skylines of NYC really aren’t my thing (over done and almost kitchy). I hmmed and I hawed and decided to buy them. I knew they were big but I was shocked when they wouldn’t fit in my hatch-back. I have had entire hutches in my trunk, as well at front doors and tables and chairs…but these prints were no dice (turns out they are four feet by four feet!). I borrowed my aunts truck and lugged them home. I love them, even though they are not what I thought I would ever want, they are great. They are massive and pack a big, bold, punch in a room that is full of the mismatched rejects that I love. At just under fifty dollars a piece, I would consider it a job very, well done.

I also recently finished my mini gallery wall with the recent edition of a new graphic print that I can’t get enough of. I love local artists and am very proud to say that three of my six prints on the wall are all products of Halifax artists and printed here in our beautiful city. One my mom picked up for me on a trip to Saint Johns and the last two are a picture I took sailing and a card from my beauty of a little sister I framed years ago. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Good things are worth waiting for!

Pics below, please excuse my beige couches. They are sooooo comfy but I just haven’t found exactly what I am looking for to replace them! Happy decorating all!

PS. Isn’t that Queen print the absolute best? I can’t get enough of her turquoise hair or her lumber-jack jacket!



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