Hot Cross Buns…

“One a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns”- Elementary school students screeching recorders in music class nation wide.

Happy Easter everyone! I don’t know what it is like where you live today, Halifax is 12 degrees, sunny and warm. I have my sheets out on the line and I have already had coffee on my deck twice today! I dare say, it might be spring (just don’t tell Mother Nature in case she takes it back!).

Growing up, Easter meant church, jelly beans, skipping ropes, bubbles and chalk. It meant it was time to dust off the old bikes and see if our soccer cleats still fit. It also meant hide and seek outside (in the dark as we got older) and there was always an appearance of hot cross buns.

When I came back from Mexico, my sister had been staying at my house and she had left a package of hot cross buns on the counter. I thought “Aw that is so nice”, I should have known better, they were only left behind (and not devoured) because they were awful, flavourless lumps of dough. Gag. Those bad buns inspired me to try my hand at my own. Now this is a feat for me because every time I use active yeast, my baking turns out a little flat. I scoured the Internet and settled on a recipe that seemed simple enough that had lots of extra currants and frosting (cause we all know that is what makes a hot cross bun!).  I will admit, I had to make the dough twice….I didn’t use enough yeast (maybe I should learn to read carefully when reading recipes). In the end they were the very best hot cross buns I have ever had and I highly recommend everyone tries them out! Recipe can be found here!

Have a wonderful day all!

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