I Really Don’t Like That Wreath…

“I really don’t like that wreath, it is not in my taste..”- My next door neighbour

Now that my new door is as pink as Barbie Corvette I have started to contemplating Christmas decorations. I had planned on buying a simple grapevine wreath and spraying it within an inch of it’s life with paint and glitter but that idea totally went out the window when I happened upon a wreath at Home Sense. Yes, It is not DIY but in my defence, my door is fuchsia which can make Christmas decor difficult as all traditional decor generally has a lot of red involved. I love red, just not with my bright door. This wreath was white and sparkly and made up of plastic snowflakes that were sure to be able to survive the harsh and windy winters we tend to experience here on the best coast. For nineteen dollars I could hardly pass it up.

I took the pretty wreath home and decided to hang it with florist wire draped over the door and fixed to a command-strip hook on the inside of my door (upside down of course). No offence to anyone who loves them but I HATE wreath hangers. They always stand out like a sore thumb not to mention they have a tendency to scrape door paint which totally grinds my gears. When the wreath was hung at what I felt was to be the “perfect height” I ran across the street to admire my handiwork and thrifty shopping. My next door neighbour was pulling in at the same time  (I can always count on him for an honest opinion and a helping hand) and the first thing out of his mouth was “I really don’t like that wreath…”. I was quite taken a back and when I asked him what was wrong with it he said “It’s not in my taste…needs something else, too bland”. Then my neighbour across the street started to chime in, stating she LOVED the wreath and we all had a great debate in my driveway hahaha. The neighbour who happens to not like my wreath also happens to be a wonderful person who has been nothing short of helpful since I moved in. He plows my driveway after heavy snows and always offers a helpful opinion on the best way to go about renovations or projects around the house. To appease him I bought some pink plastic balls and with my handy florist wire, I sporadically affixed them to my wreath to “jazz it up” and prevent further blandness. Pics below, happy start of decorating everyone!

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