“Pink is the navy blue of Inida.”- Diana Vreeland

Lets travel back in time, just a little tiny bit…

Remember this door? The door that belonged to my house when I moved in? It was black and all of the trim had also been painted black (gag). It also had an epically heavy and even more epically bent storm door that kept catching my heels as it apparently swung faster than I can walk. No matter how you slice it, it was a sad little door that needed a little tlc. I wish I had a pic of it for you, I have been searching my archives with no luck..

Now do you also remember this door? My DREAM door, on sale and then priced wrong for an even bigger discount? I felt like I was robbing Home Depot!

After it living in my living room for about a month and a half, I finally got it installed and can you guess what happened next? It rained and it rained. It even rained on the days it wasn’t supposed to rain! I waited and I waited, each day hating the white door more and more. It was just so…bland. Then my neighbors started asking me about it, concerned that I was choosing to leave it white (for a group that was hesitant about my initial color choice, they sure seemed to love the pink now!). All this waiting gave me lots of time to dwell and of course, I even started to debate painting it yellow or light turquoise.

It was sunny yesterday; foggy as all get out but sunny and five degrees (burr). I cranked the heater behind the door and placed my infra-red infront of it to aid the drying process (my neigbours must think I am insane). I ended up with three good coats on that bad boy before dark. Even though I hmmed and hawwed about whether I should piant the window grill or not, I am more than happy with my choice. She’s punchy and doesn’t let the rain, snow and wind into my living room like my old door! I also love how it is more modern but mimics the windows, in keeping a little more with the era of the home ! Win- win my friends !

Happy do-it-yourself-ing,

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