"I Am So Glad…"

“I am so glad we get to live in a world where there are Octobers!”- Anne of Green Gables

As I was scrambling to put together a costume last week for a party, I was a little shocked at how fast Christmas pops up everywhere in stores, some as early as the 20th of October.  I know I shouldn’t be surprised, it happens every year but it aways takes me aback. Last week I also found myself at a Christmas craft fair. I am convinced they are happening earlier and earlier! A week before Halloween and I was wandering by booth after booth of Christmas crafts, cider in hand and Christmas music filling the air. I enjoyed myself and even picked up a rustic craft for my home but it still seems just a little craaaaazzzzyyyyyy.

Last weekend there was a Halloween blow down. Below you can find pics of  my decor, costume and some treats. I know I haven’t had many DIY posts lately, I suppose I am feeling a little un-motivated but not to worry, I just reviewed my “to-do list” which is easily as long as I am tall. Lots is on the horizon!

Have a wonderful crisp, fall week everyone!

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