I Busted A Mirror…

“I busted a mirror and got seven years bad-luck, but my lawyer thinks he can get me five.”
– Steven Wright

This month had a Friday the 13th. I can be a little superstitious at times. I don’t walk under ladders if I can avoid it, if I spill salt I reflexively toss a pinch over my shoulder and I NEVER put new shoes on the kitchen table (right mom?). Black cats don’t phase me (I have two) and I have yet to break a mirror that I am aware of…

Two weeks ago I decided the inside of my fireplace needed to be painted…It was a big, black, gaping hole that didn’t showcase my cute electric stove. I went to it and started with the same colour as my walls, grey. I didn’t love it so I painted on the cream semi-gloss that lives on the mantel…it looked boring and stark. So I sat on it for a week.

On Friday the 13th, with no serious plans and a glaringly white fire place staring me down, I made the four minute trek to Home Depot. My favourite paint lady was there and with her holding my hand, I picked a punchy turquoise (yes I am a little nuts) and bought one of the four dollar samples (Tip-that is enough for most projects and you aren’t left with oodles at the end). While my paint was in the shaker, I was flipping through the flier and noticed the door I have been meaning to pick up, the one that I have been dreaming of for over a month, was on sale for 15% off. I ran down like a maniac, convinced there would be none left. Well I was close, there was only one with a left-handed swing. I loaded it onto a trolley faster then I knew I could even move. Even though it was pouring out, I had on four inch heels and I only had my three door VW Golf, I wasn’t phased and I pushed that door to the cash with all the confidence in the world.

The cashier rang me up and the door came up at 40% off…..they had priced it wrong by accident. YA-HOO (double fist-pump)! They were happy to know about the mistake but had to give it to me at that cost. $160 for the new front door I have been lusting after! Happy Friday the 13th to me! Now all I had to do was finagle the door into my car and use twine to hold her in place. The guy at the pick-up door was far from impressed…but we made it happen and I drove my stick-shift all the way home with the trunk wide open, hanging onto an exterior door for dear life. My turquoise paint securely nestled in my cup holder…
Sometimes luck is just on your side!

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