Perseverance Is….

“Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th..”- Julie Andrews

I had an epic fail this week, an EPIC fail. I usually plan and research enough that when it comes down to it there is little room for error, for the most part…

The back story is that around eight months ago (which may as well have been a lifetime ago) I purchased the most beautiful mosaic glass tile for my kitchen back splash. White marble tiles surrounded by frosted mint and crystal-clear blue tiles, it was a pleasure to behold.  At less than $4.00 a square foot, I could not pass it up! I brought it home and it slipped down into the black hole that is my basement until I had the time and the wherewithal to use it. Fast forward eight months and my cabinets have been painted cream and my house is slowly taking the shape of the picture I have had in my mind since the day I took possession. This would seem like the perfect time learn how to and to tile a back splash now wouldn’t it?

How quickly we forget, I had picked the tile with the anticipation of removing the current counter and replacing it with charcoal grey polished concrete (which will happen someday down the road). And how quickly we adjust, going from hating a brown counter-top, to being able to live with it, to almost being fond of it (cream cabinets make anything brown look better!).

This weekend I watched at least five “how-to” videos on tiling a back splash. I went to home depot and spent $50 on a trowel, a sponge, a grout float, a tile cutter and a glass tile epoxy. You know, the usual stuff. I spent an hour or so measuring and cutting glass tiles to nestle perfectly beneath my cabinets and closely hug the top of my counter tops (that I forgot I once despised). I took my epoxy and my 3/16″ notched trowel and I spread that stuff on like a pro. Perfect lines of epoxy, not too thick, right to the edge, itching to have tile settled into it. I put up my first sheet of tile, it fit like a dream, and I pounded it into place with my palm. The next one fit just as well, my research and planning was paying off. When the left hand side of my kitchen was complete I stepped back, proud, to admire my handiwork….. and I HATED it. Two hours in and I absolutely despised the tile and counter combo…the glass, although beautiful, look horrendous next to the counter. My heart sank and I pulled it all off. I used a putty knife to scrape off all the epoxy then washed the rest off my walls. Luckily it hasn’t set. I washed the epoxy off the tile and poured myself a big bottle, I mean glass, of wine.

I am saving the tile for an accent when I tile my bath surround down the road and for now I am living with the kitchen as is,  until a new counter has been secured.  Le sigh…

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