The Secret to Creativity….

” The secret to creativity is hiding your sources.”- Einstein

For the last couple of years my dear friend Josee and I have been attending  a drop in pottery class in the north end of Halifax . It was an awesome hour and a half of messing about with the pottery wheel and sculpting with a little instruction if you so wished. We became half masters of throwing clay, I have many ash trays, catch-all dishes and little bowls to prove that. Sadly Turnstyle Pottery co-op closed their doors this winter and my Thursdays have never been the same. There is something so great about a creative outlet no matter how bad you are at it (refer to above note about ash trays).
Almost two years ago I started making little button earrings with rolled clay and fondant cutters used for cake decorating. I also made little clay bows which when painted bright made beautiful punches of colour on my winter jackets. I set the buttons aside and recently discovered them while cleaning. I went to a craft store and purchased Goop, a magical glue that makes everything stick. I glued posts onto my buttons and a few purchased buttons. They are so cute ! Happy crafting, happy Sunday and happy summer!

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