It’s Ok To Eat Fish

“It’s OK to eat fish, they don’t have any feelings.”- Kurt Cobain

In summer meals should be simple, quickly prepared with fresh ingredients that are easily enjoyed. No one wants to spend sunny days cooped up in the kitchen. Barbecues, local produce and cold beers on the deck are where it is at. Lazy is as summer does.

Last week I purchased the most beautiful haddock fillets at the Seaport Market. I whipped up a little tartar sauce and made fish burgers with fresh cukes and tomatoes. It tasted like summer though and through. Best part? Hardly any clean up! Find the most simple recipes below, go out and enjoy the sun! Happy Natal day!

Easy Lemon-y Fishy Burgers

You will need…
– 1-2 fresh haddock fillets (more of you want to feed for people!)
1 lemon
olive oil
basil pesto
– tin foil
soft and squishy buns (kaiser work!)
lettuce and tomato to dress your burger up! 

Pre-heat your BBQ to a medium-low heat (300-ish). On a large piece of tin foil brushed with olive oil,  place 1-2 haddock fillets (more fillets more tin foil!). Generously salt and pepper them and drizzle with some lemon juice. Top each fillet with a good dollop of basil pesto (from the market, grocery store or homemade if you want to be fancy!) and spread. Slice a lemon and place on top of pesto and fold up your tin foil into a neat package . Cook on medium-low heat for 5 mins, flip and then cook for another five or so, until fish is white and falls apart with a fork. Cut into burger sized portions and place on buns. Dress ’em up with what ever fresh stuff you choose (no one likes a naked burger!) and serve with a salad or veg. Find a tartar sauce recipe below!

Probably not-good -for-you Tartar Sauce (..that is sure to impress!)

You will need…

– 1 Cup of mayo
– 2 tbs of lemon juice (I put that shit on everything!)
– 2 tbs finely chopped dill pickle
– 2 tsp finely chopped dill
– a good few spins with the pepper mill

Combine all ingredients in a small mixing bowl and mix thoroughly. Serve with fish (or on delicious fish burgers!). If you want to get extra fancy, toss in a few diced capers!

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