A Real New Yorker…

“A real New Yorker likes the sound of the garbage truck in the morning.”- R.L. Stein

Picture this, here I am on a walk with one of my favourite people and her two babies. It’s hot, we are sweating and it is spring cleaning day in the city. What do I spy on the side of the road, an Adirondack chair in need of some minor repairs and a little bit of love. Mer and I decide there is no way it couldn’t possibly not fit in my car (my VW Golf can fit anything!). Keep in mind, Mer and I are also the people who were CONVINCED my new queen mattress and box spring would fit in the back of her mini-van. Needless to say, her husband rescued two hot babes and a real baby at Costco with his cube truck. This chair went no where near my trunk. I am buying us both purse sized measuring tapes cause our “size estimation” is very off. Good thing she has a mini-van, her husband didn’t have to rescue us this time!

A couple of screws, some wood-glue, a little sand paper and a whole lot of pink paint and that chair was nursed back to health. It is the perfect spot to read in the sun and to enjoy a fire on a warm summer night. Thanks for not thinking I am crazy and thanks for feeding into my frugal side Mer! Happy do-it-yourself everyone!

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