What Good Is The Warmth Of Summer…

“What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?”
– J Steinback

It has rained for what feels like years, or at least in Halifax. The grass is green and the gardens mucky. April and May were grey, June threatened to be and just as all of our seasonal affect disorders were gearing up with a second wind, the sun shone and summer hit us with a bang. Short skirts, short shorts, heels and sunnies are embarking like a plague. I am not complaining, my gardens are edged and mulched, I have a beginning of a tan and I am blogging on the deck with a cup of tea enjoying my twinkly lights and my table top fire pot. I can smell lilacs and it makes me happy to live in a beautiful city, full of mature trees, green spaces and friendly people. Let summer commence! Enjoy the outdoors everyone!

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