I Dream Of Painting…


“I dream of painting and then I paint my dream.”- Van Gogh

I dream of renovating my house. In my dream, I have an bottomless bank account. I also have a handsome handy-man running around making all of my renovation dreams a reality while I sit back and watch with a strong cup of coffee.  It is the best dream ever! My reality is looking at my awful, afterthought of a kitchen, reaching into my pocket and pulling out a five dollar bill, two pennies and some questionable looking pocket lint. Champage taste on a beer budget, maybe even a fountain pop budget. A small budget means getting creative.

My kitchen is officially half renovated. Here is what I did in order, how much everything cost and how-to’s. Prepare for a long post my friends.

First off, my kitchen, as you are all aware is the size of a postage stamp with ZERO storage. It was also nicatine yellow. I am sure that must have been the name of that hanious color. So I booked off to my paint expert and bought a gallon of “tide pools blue”. Paint is the most bang for your buck. Clean, fresh trim and a bright cheery color and you are half way there!
Total cost: $50

Working with what cha’ got:
My cabinets (the whole three of them) are fake oak. “Foak” I will call it. Cheap, pressboard hunks of junk someone threw in as a cheap “upgrade” or maybe they had a kitchen fire?  Well I obviously couldn’t afford all new cabinets, those suckers pricey. When I caught myself repeatedly going to home depot and drooling over the cabinet and counter combos, I knew something had to be done. I grabbed some TSP, some BIN and some cabinet paint in creamy white. I also bought sponge rollers, rubber gloves and a big red bucket and I went to it.

If you are debating painting your cabinets, I highly reccomend it. My mother gave her kitchen a massive upgrade just with some cabinet paint. If you can, a professonal will save you time and stress but if you can’t afford one (like me!) here are the steps for you!

1) Get TSP and mix it in a big bucket with water as per instructions on carton. Wear gloves and meticulously wipe down all of your cabinets and drawers then rinse with water. You will be amazed at how good they look when you are done!
2) Give a light sanding and wipe off dust when finished.
3) Get your bin tinted to the same color of your paint. It will save you coats as it will both prep the surface and act as a primer!
4) Roll bin on with a small sponge roller, using an angled brush to get in any corners. You can choose to take off your doors if you want…I cheated and didn’t, I was just very careful around the hinges. I really didn’t know if the cabinets could withtsand any drilling! I put two coats of this one cause it made the surface smooth and even, but my paint expert said one would do. Bin is horrible smelling, be sure to have a door or window cracked.
5) When your bin is dry, repeat step four with your cabinet paint. You will be amazed at the change! I ended up with two coats of paint on two coats of bin.
Total cost: $120

It’s all in the details: 
My cabinets had no hardware. I love the cup drawer pulls and I think brushed nickle and creamy white are dreamy together. The problem is that like always, I have expensive taste. The pulls I liked were $9 bucks each. I waited and hunted and waited and hunted and ended up finding them discounted for $0.63 each! I obviously did a happy dance in my paint clothes at Canadian Tire! My cabinets now feel modern and finished!
Total cost: $8.24

Enlist help:
My neighbors are the bomb. Seriously, I couldnt have better ones. Jim accross the street just so happens to be a finish carpenter in his spare time. With his skill and my lofty dreams, we drew up two new upper cabinets that would have enough storage space for all my stuff. Remember I only had two small, awkward upper cabinets. I wanted to leave them open, I have pretty things and I felt it would make my kitchen look bigger. He wheeled them over within a week and I was painting and sanding, painting and sanding for what felt like weeks. We threw them up and I am postively thrilled with the finished product. He trimmed them in pine incase I ever decided to put doors on but I love the open concept, it is a little old fashioned and suits me and my house to a tea!
Total cost: $400

As you can tell, they are modest renovations. I am far from any type of professional (except a health care professional) and I still have lots of work to go. Anything can be accomplished, even on the tightest of purse strings. Next up I plan on tiling my own backsplash and investing in a polished concrete counter top (oooo!!) but not until my budget allows! For now, here are some before and after pictures ! Happy renos! Excuse the poor quality of pictures !!!

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