“Coffee, a hug in a cup”- unknown

We all know how I feel about coffee..
Fresh ground and fresh brewed coffee is in my top five favorite smells ever, right up there with babies and fresh cut grass after a summer shower. Coffee also makes everything a little better.
I have been using a French press since Christmas, a little red bodum that I picked up for a song after Boxing Day. This has made my coffee drinking experience even better. It is extra hot, extra strong and just the right amount of old fashioned.
The French press was said to be invented in France, who woulda guessed, but first was patented by an Italian man in the 1920’s. Popular world wide, they have many different names but all have the same basic principles that make it so simple and so special.
This week I suffered a bit of a loss, I was reaching for cinnamon to slap in my coffee and I knocked a bottle of vanilla right into my little red French press. To my dismay I cracked the whole side and it was not salvageable… Le sigh. Don’t  worry I found a replacement, French press tips are found below! Enjoy your coffee!
Tips on French pressing…
– grind yourself fresh beans and grind them course or you will get grinds in your coffee..
– scoop 1-2 scoops per cup of h2o and place in the bottom of your press
-heat water just till it starts to boil
– pour over coffee and stir with a wooden or plastic spoon.. Metal will risk a crack !
– allow to sit for at least 4 minutes
-press and enjoy !

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