In Jamaica There Are No Problems…

“In Jamaica there are no problems, only situations, mon.”- Everyone we met

I have a confession, I was planning on blogging prior to my trip down south. Maybe it was the eight twelve hour shifts I worked in ten days, or maybe it was my dreams of fresh coconut milk, but I was on Jamaican time before I even left Halifax.

Jamaica was lovely. Positively lovely. I will be honest, all inclusive travelling isn’t totally my speed. I am more of a book a flight and rent an apartment in Paris or a villa in Tuscany kind of lady. My previous experience with all inclusives in the south was that the beaches were great and the liquor was flowing but the rooms and food left much to be desired.

Jamaica blew all of my expectations out of the water. The rooms were bright and clean, the service and the food was impeccable (jerk chicken and curried goat…could eat them every day!).  The beach was only steps away and the pools were clear and crisp.

Travelling in a large group is also the way to go. Down for a wedding, there were over fifty of the bride and grooms closest friends and family. There was always someone to have breakfast with, lounge by the pool with and climb water falls with. The beach wedding was beautiful as was the beach party afterwards.

I feel refreshed and I even have a bit of a tan. I brought back some Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and some Jamaican Rum Cream to continue to my vacation back in Canada. A few pics below!

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