Life Happens, Shit Happens…

“Life happens, shit happens. And it happens a a lot of people.”- Colleen Hoover

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind at my place. My door fell off. Yes, it literally fell off the hinges and not in the “that’s ok some new screws can fix it” kind of way. It fell off in the “need new door, new frame, new moldings and a new landing” kind of way. My work schedule has been hectic and I finally (FINALLY!) finished my new kitchen cabinets and had them installed by a kind neighbor. That is why I have dropped off the face of the earth.

As I am writing this, my house is being filled with dust and I have no side door. I am bundled up in front of an infa-red heater with a hot cup of coffee, listening to measurements and hammers and saws. Old houses can be tricky. One can be opening a can of worms when you do any work and that is exactly what is happening right now at this very moment. Sigh…Shit happens!

Happy last day in frigid February! Below are some of my favorite things. Please note; there are no pictures of broken doors…they are not my favorite at all!

Curious Pearle…watching the new oil tank go in.
Best cookie cutters ever?
Hank the Snowman…lived in my front yard till it rained. Please note his buttons are wine caps, we like to keep things classy!
Caledonia house coffee roasters…
A Charlottetown farmers market fav! I love waking up with my Two Mexicans every morning!
A new print picked up on a lazy Sunday in Lunenburg!

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