Weeds Are Flowers Too…

“Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.”- A.A. Milne

It is official. Tulip season is here! Oh-mah-gaahhd. I know what you are thinking…enough with tulips already, but what is not to love. Fresh and cheery, they are a sure fire sign that spring is close. They are basically free ($7.50 is close to free is the flower world) and you can pick them up at the grocery store. If you take care of them, they will last for up to two weeks! Tulips also have an interesting history, they were the cause of one of the very first economic bubbles (as in increase and fall) way, way back in the 1600’s. At one point a single tulip bulb cost ten times a skilled craftsman’s annual wages. They became a status symbol world wide but mainly in Europe as people has never seen such saturated and bright colors  before. They remain an important symbol in the Netherlands and (obviously) are still enjoyed world wide! Did I bore you with my history lesson?

Here are some tulip tips…
1) Trim them! They will last longer if they can make better use of the water you put ’em in.
2) Leave them in the sleeve for an hour in your vase. This will help them stand up tall and get accustomed to their new surroundings.
3) Remember that one cent currency we are attempting to eradicate here in Canada? Well a couple of pennies in the bottom of the vase will prevent your tulips from opening up all the way and having the pretty petals fall of prematurely.

Follow those tips and your tulips will be the most lovely company to enjoy with your morning coffee! Happy one month and two days till spring!

Dining room beauties!
Beauties from Laura!
…and just because I love the little plant stick I made at pottery class, I thought I would share it with you!

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