She Got Her Looks From Her Father…

“She got her looks from her father…he is a plastic surgeon.”-Groucho Marx

Did you know that average woman may spend 200,000 hard earned dollars on beauty products in their lifetime. That is just a little under the cost of my house! The beauty industry is currently a nine BILLION dollar industry, and I am sure that number will continue to grow.

That said, make-up can be a quick pick-me-up at a small price. I have mentioned before how lipstick sales sky-rocket during a recession. It’s inexpensive, ranges from $3 to $40 and can instantly pick up your mood. I LOVE lipstick for this reason and it can change an entire look. A little black dress can instantly go glam with an application of red lipstick, whether it is an expensive frock or a jersey knit you have had in your wardrobe rotation for years. Plus there is just something fabulous and very 50’s about a bright pop of color on your lips! I am not recommending you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on makeup…less is more but for the mid-winter blues, I think everyone deserves a pick me up once and awhile.

So here are my go-to’s and lusts from MAC, happy lipstick-ing!

My everyday color:


 My coral hit (one of my favorite go to’s):

See Sheer

 My berry tint:

Capricious (less red in real life!)

 One I LOVE but am nervous to try:

Girl About Town

 Always a classic:

Ruby Woo

 Could be the perfect neutral: 


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