“Cinnamon, it bites and kisses simultaneously.”- Vanna Bonta

My mother knows me well. She knew I would be positively thrilled with some exotic spices to add to my spice rack and ordered me up some wonderful delicacies for Christmas. Vietnamese cinnamon, pure Mexican vanilla and an aromatic Madagascar bourbon vanilla, mmm. They are beautifully packaged, the vanilla came in vintage apothecary glass bottles and I can not wait to display them in my new open concept cabinets (if I ever finish painting and sanding….painting and sanding…painting and sanding).

Vietnamese cinnamon is potent, in my opinion it makes all other cinnamon I have ever met seem dull and scentless in comparison. I have added some of the cinnamon to my fresh ground coffee for a mid winter pick me up (just a pinch will do). The smell of fresh hot coffee with just a hint of cinnamon could possibly be the best smell in the entire world. Maybe I could bottle it and become a rich entrepreneur?

Spices, olive oils and vanillas make for unique unexpected gifts. I was thrilled to receive them as would any person who enjoys puttering around in the kitchen. Just a friendly suggestion for house warmings or unexpected birthdays!

You can find these beauties at, as well as a variety of kitchen tools, baking additives and recipes. How did I not know this web site existed??

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