I Cook With Wine…

“I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food!”- W.C. Fields

Before Christmas, I received this cute little flyer in my mail box from the Boy Scouts. It announced there was to be a bottle drive in early January and if we had any donations to leave them on the front step. Somehow I managed (a miracle) to remember the date and lumbered down to my basement to wrangle up a few bottles. While I went down naively thinking I would have a few, I suddenly came face to face with the degree in which I enjoy wine. Red wine specifically….

Four trips and four large boxes later, I had forty-two empty bottles of red and ten empty whites.  I was both shocked and mildly amused.

Wine is a wonderful thing. I love to sip on it in the evenings, drink it with dinner on the weekends, and LOVE to indulge in a good bottle with good friends. Everyone should have at least a mild appreciation for a decent bottle of wine. I personally prefer a dry red and these are my current favorites under $20.00, trust me there were many multiples of all the following wines in my bottle stash. Enjoy indulging !

mmmmm…an all time fav!
I lied..this one is around $22, but worth every penny!
Line ’em up, rack ’em up….embarrassing.

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