Nothing Says Holidays….

“Nothing says holidays like a cheese log…- Ellen Degeneress

I am not going to lie to you, I was a bit bah-humbug-y this year. Over the last week or so that feeling has been dissipating. Maybe it is because my shopping is done and the tree is up, or maybe it is because I am looking forward to eight glorious days off over the holiday. All I know is that today it appears that I am less of a Grinch with barley a sprinkle of Scrooge.

Yesterday afternoon I had my annual centerpiece making party. A handful of lovely ladies from work combined with lots of glitter, pine and just a touch of rum made for a fantastic few hours. I woke up with a pine needle in my bra this morning, they are everywhere!

These make snappy gifts, especially for the hostess with the mostest on your list (what can she do with all those bad bottles of wine??). Pictures follow as well as a step-by-step tutorial, have fun getting crafty!

Branches into the sponge!
Adding some bling…
Hard at work!
Chantal’s masterpiece
One of mine!
Left over branches (there was a lot) stuck in my planter!

How to:

1) Find a container, jar, tin, pot or anything that doesn’t leak (if it is clear you will need ribbon or you will see the florist sponge).
2) Insert florist sponge (oasis) approx. the same size as your container and trim to fit (a kitchen knife does the trick).
3) Drink some cider and rum.
4) Fill with greenery…pine, spruce, fir, whatever you were able to scour (we took an hour through the woods with shopping bags and gardening shears…quite a sight!.)
5) Repeat step number three, but you can mix it up with baileys if you so choose.
6) Use glittery branches, ornaments, berries or anything your little heart desires to jazz it up, it should all stick into the sponge very easily.
7)Water your greenery and it should keep till the new year!
8) Finish by wetting your whistle with any other festive beverage (spiced rum and egg nog…just a suggestion!)

EVERYTHING (!!!) can be found at the dollar store. Pots,tins etc. glittery branches and berries, ribbons and ornaments. Even the florist sponge is there (but they do sell out, so stock up!). I provided the greenery, sponge and some sparkly baubles, everyone was to bring a container of choice and were welcome to bring anything else they wanted! I am already looking forward to next year!

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