You Are Only….

“You are only as good as your last haircut!”-Fran Lebowitz

Growing up, mother always impressed the value of a good hair cut. Think about it, no matter what you are wearing, whether you have makeup on or not, a decent hair cut makes you look at least a little pulled together. People get their hair cut for job interviews, first impressions matter. Hair can make you blend into a crowd, or stand out…

I have always had hair on the shorter side and generally I rock a short bob or a pixie. When my best friend was getting married, I decided to grow my hair. I grew it for a year, she had a beautiful wedding and then I just couldn’t cut it! I wasn’t afraid of the scissors, that was just a lot of commitment! A year is a long time, especially when half of it is spent in awkward stages of a gorwing out haircut! I continued to grow it…for another year. I cut blunt bangs to try and mix it up but when I was home to visit, mom told me it just had to go and that I didn’t even look like myself. It resonated and I had to agree with her. I was being lame and my hair looked like a bad hat, or a mousy brown broom. The curls were easy, the pony even easier and I was slowly turning into everyone else! Gasp!

Two hours, two cups of coffee and a lot of snipping later, I was back to my old, fun, self. Next time I talk about growing my hair, someone show me a picture of myself from the last year and refer me to this post. If I still ignore you, tape me into Brian Hart’s hairdressing chair at BH2….

First few snips..
I had a lot of hair!
Ha! Liza Minelli esq.

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