No One Looks Back On Their Lives…

“No one looks back on their lives and remembers the nights they got lots of sleep”-unknown

Halloween has come and gone as has my very first house party (in my very first house). Thirty party guests, lots of munchies, sangria, wine and the door finally closing as the last guest left at around 3am. I think I will deem it a success! Costumes were great, conversation was flowing and I even got to meet some new people!

Decorations were just a little last minute, as in four hours before the party was to get going and last minute means getting creative! My fireplace ended up draped in black tulle and lights and the inside was filled with orange and the same. Cheap and effective (how I like things!).  I also really like easy, as in easy appetizers. I served cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto, strawberry bruchetta, sangria over-flowing with fruit and the party favorite was bacon wrapped rosemary roasted potatoes. I can’t wait to throw another big bash, maybe a wine and cheese at Christmas? Pictures of decor and the number one munchie recipe follows!

Bacon Wrapped Roasted Potatoes

I used a bag of mini red potatoes. I cut the large ones in half and boiled them until they were tender when punctured with a fork. After they were finished, I drained them, tossed them with sea salt, fresh pepper, basil infused olive oil and just a little bit of fresh rosemary. They were then blanketed in half a strip of bacon and broiled until crispy. I served them with spicy sour cream (rooster sauce and low fat sour cream!). Mmmm…

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