Be Careless In Your Dress…

“Be careless in your dress if you will, but be tidy in your soul.”- Mark Twain

Prepare to be both shocked and awed. I, Micheline, the incompetent tech wizard, the one who can barely turn her computer on let alone manage to attach pictures to a blog post, has done something amazing…

Look at the top of this page, under the petite picture of moi. You will see a number of headings, I have somehow managed to categorize each of my posts. Recipes and such can be all found in one click as can hands on do-it-yourself projects. So much better! User friendly-ish or at least improved. That little part of me that has mild OCD is positively beaming right now! For now I will leave you with some other tidy, organization ideas I have been lusting after for a few months now. When you live in a house that has a kitchen that must have been a contractors afterthought, these look like million dollar ideas!

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