Boy, Those French…

“Boy, those French, they have a different word for everything!”-Steve Martin

Know what is a crowd pleaser? A show stopper and something everyone secretly loves? French toast. There is just something comforting about eggs and milk whisked together, cinnamon and fresh bread. Not only does everyone love it, but it is one of the most simple, yet wonderful, things to make. I remember as a child being so excited when once every few months we got to have it for supper, breakfast for supper! There is something perfectly thrilling about breaking those kind of rules.

The thing about French toast is you can make it however you want. It can be on white bread, french bread or raisin bread. You can dust it with icing sugar, drown it in syrup or top it with whip cream. There are no rules and you really cant screw it up! My favorite is marble rye, I swear it makes the best French toast. Top it with cinnamon and whatever fruit is in season and you have a winner in my eyes.

Next time skip the big breakfast when you have company. Eggs and bacon can be a snore (unless it involves benny…). Keep it easy and keep it simple, your guests will appreciate it!

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