Hand Made Presents Are Scary..

“Hand made presents are scary because the reveal that you have too much spare time.”-Doug Coupland

I disagree with that, but regardless, I am not writing to disagree with Doug Coupland. I want to talk about gift wrapping. When I was a child we made our own wrapping paper with heavy brown paper and sponge stamps. I am fairly certain we may have even used potatoes and cut shapes out of them to make our own stamps at one point or another. Growing up, I have been known to enjoy using news paper and satin ribbon. Recently it was my uncles birthday. My sister and I bought him a lovely silk tie that happened to be placed in a red tie box by the sales man. Instead of wasting paper (and trying to be both thrifty and environmentally friendly) I kept it simple with just a little ribbon. I always have a good assortment of satin ribbons on hand and picked a navy satin ribbon and  a very small navy gingham ribbon. Not only did it look beautiful but it was just the right amount of masculine for my uncle. Pic follows along with some more inspiration! Get creative and happy gift wrapping!

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