It Is Difficult To Think Anything…

“It is difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a home grown tomato.”-Lewis Grizzard

Dear blog readers, you must excuse me, I have not been at my best. I was gone for two weeks, and summer got in the way before I left. Recognize that song? In all seriousness I am very sorry and understand how frustrating it is when you check blogs and updates cease to happen. I will be catching up over the next couple of weeks and PROMISE at minimum a blog a week. I won’t leave you in the lurch again my friends.

Enough apologies. Have you ever made oven roasted tomato sauce? Well, my friend Michala brought me the most beautiful, big, unevenly shaped heritage tomato and I was inspired! I have made pasta sauce before, many times and am almost always disappointed with the result. This time I winged it, and the results were superb! Best fresh tomato based sauce I have ever had! Now I am even more inspired to grow my own tomatoes on my deck next summer! My fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants recipe follows! Enjoy!

In a glass baking dish lined with parchment (cause I hate brown baking dishes that were once crystal clear!) add as many tomatoes as you have on hand (I had one massive and two small…which yeilded just enough for two!) chopped into decent sized chunks. Drizzle with a good dose of olive oil, I used basil from Liquid Gold, season with sea salt and pepper. Then take a large clove of garlic, quartered and mashed with the blade of your knife. Toss in a few fresh basil leaves torn by hand and a pinch or oregano if you have some! You may also choose to add some chilies if you enjoy a little heat! Bake at 400 for an hour or so, or until tomatoes are very soft and falling apart. Allow to cool for a few minutes then toss into mixer or food processor and voila! Perfect on spaghetti or angle hair pasta!

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