It`s Better To Help People…

“It’s better to help people than garden gnomes…”-Unknown Author

So the handsome man in my life planned a date one evening last month. He didn’t give me any hints or clues, just told me to get dressed and get in the exciting! We drove all around the city, him making sure I was good and confused (all the while I blurted out everything I thought it could be!). We ended up at Clay Cafe ( on Quinnpool road. A place where you sit down with a coffee, a ceramic of choice and glaze the shit out of it with a rainbow selection of glazes and a handful of paint brushes. In the end you end up with a unique hand painted little piece of art that they fire in the kiln and you can pick up a few days later. If you know me, which he does, you would know this is just about a perfect date. I love getting creative and love being able to do something with my hands and have a great conversation at the same time..not to mention the people watching from those big windows is top notch! There were so many neat pieces of ceramic to choose from. In the end it came down to a coffee mug and a spoon rest for the stove, that is until I found the tiniest of garden gnomes. When I saw him, I just had to have him! Only the size of my hand, we christened him “Rory” and I vowed to make him unique and not a typical garden gnome…I have always wanted one!!

Here is a quick history lesson: Wikipedia tells me that garden/ lawn gnomes originated in Germany in the late 18th- early 19th century. They were generally human like with small pointy hats, and were placed in gardens to protect them from evil and sorcery…There were many myths and stories of their protection and they became very popular in ceramic, wooden and terracotta forms. They continue to be popular outdoor decorations world wide and have prompted thefts called “gnoming” in which these gnomes are returned “to the wild”. They may also be kidnapped and sent on trips around the world and in one instance a man was arrested for stealing over 170 lawn gnomes.Sheesh!

Anyway, Clay Cafe was a very fun success, I highly recommend it for children and adults alike. Now I shall introduce you to Rory…but only if you promise not to steal him or send him around the world. He tells me he is quite happy living under the iris and tiger lily in my garden.

Oh hi there!

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