If A June Night Could Talk..

“If a June night could talk, it would probably boast about inventing romance.”- Bern Williams

Ah summer. It is officially here by dates, but in Halifax, we have been boasting beautiful weather interspersed with torrential down pours for well over a month. I even have tan lines! Shocking right? With warm weather has come gardening, lawn maintenance, reading on the deck and many barbecues. All of those are things I have not been able to enjoy since leaving my parents home for the independence and lack of outdoor living my string of apartments afforded me. Sitting with the window open, in a low rise, in the heart of the city doesn’t quite cut it. Neither does sunning in the varies public parks with creepy strangers on-looking. And even though I spent many a summer tenting as an adolescent, I refused to sit in a lawn chair in the concrete car park that was our “back yard” at my last apartment. I have to have a little bit of class right? So this summer I am taking advantage of every little bit of summer that comes my way and I would suggest you all do the same! Happy outdoor living!

An Easy Twist on Strawberry Shortcake…

Take a pint of raspberries and a pint of strawberries…mash em up with a pastry cutter, potato masher or in your mixer. Throw in a good sprinkle of sugar and a dash of vanilla and mash a little more. Make your favorite biscuit recipe and sprinkle with sugar before you bake. Slice in half, layer whip cream and berry mix for a fresh take on a summer classic!

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