When Red-Haired People….

“When red-haired people are above a certain social grade, their hair is auburn.”- Mark Twain.

I have been growing my hair for months…like seventeen months to be specific. I had a sweet pixie when I moved to Halifax and maintained short locks for a couple of years. I decided to grow it out for my best friends wedding and for the first time in my life, I am having trouble parting with it. It never phased me to grow and chop, grow and chop, that was pretty much my hair cycle. That and just chop-chop-chop. Scissors do not scare me, but this time around I am just not ready to part with my seventeen month endeavor. That is commitment. That is more time and commitment than many of my relationships and it’s really not hurting anyone is it? My sister would argue that it is hurting me and my degree of “edgy-ness”. Ha. She tells me I used to be edgy and that I am getting dull in my old age. So this time I left it long, dyed it red and got him to cut me weird little short bangs. I am also rocking a nose hoop for the first time in years! Edgy enough? Who knows but I always do like a change and I am told red heads have more fun. I will keep you posted on that, lets consider it a social experiment! For now I will leave you with some red-headed love/ inspiration. You can’t deny it, these people/ characters are nothing short of a ball of fun!

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