Best Way To Get Rid….

“Best way to get rid of kitchen odors, eat out!”- Phylis Diller

As excited I am about being a home owner, I can honestly barely contain myself,  I find myself sometimes mourning my 60’s glam low-rise in the heart of the city. Yes, I complained about it…a lot. I lived there for four years and it was nothing short of entertaining. A couple of weeks ago I ran into Colin, my apartment neighbor and fellow islander who lives on the third floor. We discussed all of the ridiculous and funny things that have happened in that building over the past few years and established that as much as we both disliked the bull-*hit, the cheap rent, location and funny stories that came out of living there made it all worth while. I secretly miss my life-vest orange and lime green kitchen. I miss my walk to work and stumbling home in bare feet after a Martini Monday. I will always hold it a little bit near and dear since it is where I started my new life in Halifax and where I embarked on my career. Here are a few doozies Colin and I came up with…

-Superintendents son throwing burning charcoal in the dumpster and setting my apartment (which lives over the dumpster) on fire. Waking up to five fire-fighters at my door…

-My sister calling me at work to tell me that there was a half naked woman passed out in front of my door in the hall..

-Leaky bathroom that didn’t get fixed for 11 months..

-Neighbors sending their children into the fire escape hall way (which back onto each master bedroom)  to “cry-it-out” each morning.

-Replacing the carpet in the hallways twice before fixing Colin’s bathroom, which was crumbling down around him.

– Drug dealers living in the basement..classy joint.

-My moving in late because it was being “professionally cleaned” when really there was yogurt on the walls, pee in the toilet and an inch of grease on top of all the cupboards that required a strong arm and a paint scraper.

-Colin moving in late because the previous tenant had a paint fight with herself and tossed gallons of paint all over the kitchen and the walls…

Ridiculous? Yes. Kinda funny? Hell yes.

I will leave you with memories of my apartment kitchen. I would share more pictures of my updates and progress in my little house but I am currently working on hanging art. Naked walls aren’t very inviting my friends. I also have a whipper sniper and a leaf blower currently residing on top of my dining room table…you get the picture, hillbilly central.

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