Decorate Your Home…

“Decorate your home, it gives the illusion that your life is more interesting than it really is..”
-Charles M. Shultz

Sorry for the long lost posts that have not arrived in more than a week. My life has been filled with boxes, big trucks, paint, topsoil, paint and a lack of internet. Now that my internet is back on, and I am slowly settling into new digs, I plan on getting back on track with this little labor of love.

Remember that post a couple back, you know the one about pink doors. Doors so pink that they would make any little girl who fancies herself a princess swoon. Well after much moral and decorating debate, I settled on a color called Tutti Fruity. Yes my friends, the name says it all. After hours spent with my dad in Home Depot, scraping old paint, replacing rotten stair treads and exactly four coats of pink paint, my house sort of became the talk of the street. I have to admit, I had regrets with the first coat, I questioned my sanity with the second and by the third I said screw it, it is just paint. Turns out I love it, as do most of my neighbors. I think my next door neighbor said it best when he stated that “It adds some much needed zap to the street”. I will take it! Here are some pics, shutters and window boxes soon to come!

Who says I need a truck, dad can convince me to do all kinds of things!
Told you there was lots of scraping!
Cute right? Shutters and window boxes next, landscaping has much improved since this picture was taken!

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