Big Doors…

“Big doors swing on little hinges..”- W. Clement Stone

With the closing of my house quickly approaching (four days, but I am not counting…), it is all I can seem to think about. I catch myself staring off in space wondering what it costs to re-finish hardwood floors in a middle aged home. I fall asleep worrying about water pressure, mortgages and heating costs. Everywhere I go I notice shutters, landscaping and paint colors…it is becoming a bit much. I have most of it figured out, but recently made a major change to my long term plan. I always wanted a red door. Classic, simple, elegant and the perfect pop on a white house with black trim (like my close to retirement home has!). I have loved red doors for as long as I can remember so that was my more than obvious choice. That is till my mother came over and threw teal, periwinkle blue and magenta into the mix. I am not a boring person, so why should my house be boring? Right now I am leaning toward bright pink. Fabulous right?! Sure, my neighbors may hate me, think I am the crazy girl with the pink door but who cares! I work hard and am a young lady buying a house on her own, who says it can’t be a Barbie Dream House….


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