A Kiss Is A Lovely Trick…

“A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous”-Ingrid Bergman

Valentines day came and went…as did my dream of making lots of beautiful, breath-taking cookies decorated with royal icing. Eggs for Easter, snowflakes at Christmas all with brightly colored, perfectly linear and smooth facades, just me, some royal icing and a piping bag….

That foolish dream ended the moment my sugar cookies came out of the oven for valentines day. Royal icing is messy and frustrating. My first five cookies, even though I looked up the how to’s and followed Irma B`s instructions, ran over the edge and looked like a pile of junk. My sister was no better at it. Fifty cookies later, some additives to our icing and a lot of cursing under our breaths, we did have a handful of decent looking V-day sweets. We also had one giant, pink, sparkly mess. I am sure someday I will be brave enough or drunk enough to try again. For now I am sticking to tricks I know!  Happy cookie decorating all!

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