A Day Without An Argument….

“A day without an argument is like an egg without salt.”-Angela Carter

As everyone knows, I love many things. I love exploring to find new shops and eateries. I am always willing to try something new at a restaurant. Can you imagine how much less wonderful my life would be if my mother never dragged me to try sushi?! I also love turning something old into something new and looking for thrifty ways to mix up my wardrobe and my home. I love a good book, a strong cup of coffee and a great red lipstick. I love spending time with people who matter to me but I also love spending time by myself (particularly at coffee shops, beaches and art galleries in no particular order).

All of these loves stem from one person, my mother. She encouraged me to always be myself, instilled good taste, a sense of adventure and an affinity to being crafty and thrifty. She taught me the importance of a good haircut, to be a kind, generous and empathic person and today just so happens to be her birthday! So happy birthday Mum, you are the very best!  You truly are amazing and I love you!

To everyone else, I am sorry for my lack of blogging, once again life has gotten in the way. I will do better. For now I will leave you with a recommendation. The Salt Shaker Deli… yes it may be a trek all the way to Lunenburg, but it is a quaint little spot with a great wine list and even better sandwiches. Totally worth the drive, there is just something wonderful about artichoke hearts and fresh olive bread, not to mention excellent company.

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