If You Can’t Make It Better…

“If you can’t make it better, you can laugh about it!”- Erma Bombeck

I have been on the hunt for a house for a very long time. I figure since living in Halifax I have spent close to fifty-thousand dollars on rent. FIFTY-THOUSAND!

What do I have to show for it?

-A warm and safe place to sleep would both be positives.
-Close proximity to work is also a bonus.
-Walking distance to lots of coffee shops and the heart of Halifax.
-Some bad ass orange counter-tops (I secretly love them).
-I have also had to put up with leaking windows.
– Freezing tub drains..sigh.
-A series of useless superintendents (one even called me a trouble-maker…)
-An oddly bountiful infestation of spiders (seriously I even found one today!)

Now the exciting part! My offer has been accepted on a sweet, middle aged home that I can not wait to make my own. It needs some TLC, but nothing crazy and even my inspection went well this time!

I have learned a lot on this house hunting adventure. I have literally been schooled in the way of real-estate and although I am far from an expert, I have some tips to share.

-Find a real estate agent you can trust. NEVER buy a house without one…almost did that and I would be in trouble tits deep if I had.
-Do an inspection, an inspection saved me from buying a money pit.
-Do your research, know values, areas and what it is you want. Always keep a look out, houses move fast in this city.
-Be flexible and keep an open mind, paint colors may suck but is it structurally sound?
– If applicable know your tenancy act and become friends with the tenancy board because tenants ALWAYS come first even if you are inheriting them with a purchase.
-Cover your behind, make sure your offer has a few outs (like I said, get a good agent!) incase you get cold feet or change your mind!

Happy House Hunting!

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