Rain-Drops On Roses….

“Rain-drops on roses and whiskers on kittens…”- Favorite things -Sound of Music

Here are a few of my favorite things…. I am talking about the things that I cant get through a day without and some frivolous things that I just downright love at this moment, probably a little too much…

Frivolous yes…but I heart painted nails and no one beats OPI for trendy colors!
Leather mittens…yes leather gloves rock, but these bad boys keep my fingers warm on the walk to work…
Don’t need ’em but I always love me a LBD and think everyone should have a go to LBD..
Benefit “Boiing” heavy duty concealer. This thing lasts FOREVER and can hide bags under my eyes that are so big I could take them shopping with me..impressive!
Ask anyone, this is aways on my person, and in my car, pockets, drawers and in each purse I own….
Dansko clogs…my back ached at work (remember I am a nurse by trade..) till I met the dansko clog and I have never looked back…LOVE them.
David’s Tea travel mug…pricey yes, but keeps coffee hot for hours, like six hours and if you are into tea this thing even has an infuser included!
Decent coffee…this is my fav.
The best toothpaste ever…seriously.
I am addicted to moisturizer, and this one is the most bang for your buck…try it, oatmeal is the best!
A not so favorite thing…spilling coffee on my cute frock..gah.
Frozen tub drains, not a good thing to wake up to..sigh
OR Greens, not only are they unflattering but I am quite certain that they are made of green sheet plastic although that theory has yet to be proven. All I know is they make me sweat..gag. I do love my co-workers though, they are the best!  

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