One Has To Look Out….

“One has to look out for engineers, they start with a sewing machine and end up with an atomic bomb..”- Marcel Pagnol

I always find fabric stores slightly overwhelming and a little bit suffocating. That however, did not stop me from going and hunting for a punchy yellow fabric to craft a fabulous and budget friendly headboard (for the new bigger and better bed I have been pricing). Yellow and grey. My current favorite color combination and not just because there has been an influx of that themed wedding decor in all the magazines. My bedroom walls are a soft, warm grey that almost has a lilac undertone and I went to the fabric store in the hopes of a mustard velvet or a bold yellow/grey floral. I was underwhelmed, so my online hunt begins. Here is my inspiration and soon maybe you will see a finished product. Enjoy!

Inspiration in nature!
Amazing statement sliding door!

Some fabric I did find that I liked….check out that animal print. Dang-a-lang, that would make a dream worthy skirt!

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