The Best Way To Execute French Cooking…

“The best way to execute french cooking is to get good and loaded and whack the hell out of a chicken. Bon Appetit!”-Julia Child on French cooking

Le Bistro, is a quaint French bistro located on South Park Street in the south end of Halifax that packs a lot of punch. Closed for over ten years, it had a reputation for serving bang up meals with friendly service, a fun atmosphere and nights that never ended. It was a landmark restaurant that has never been successfully emulated and has never been forgotten by it’s countless regular customers. Fast forward ten years, enter a creative and driven entrepreneur that had a passion for the bistro and what it represented (she managed it years before) who begins and finishes a huge renovation and overhaul. Bring in a top notch team of a creative chef, skilled cooks and friendly wait staff and what do you have? You have the new and improved Le Bistro. The menu still provides some long lost favorites of years past and introduces some new items that will be sure to find their way onto your new favorite list. Reasonably priced mains and exceptionally priced wines and desserts, Le Bistro is a venue for all ages that offers a comfortable but modern dining experience.  Check it out but be sure to call in advance and make a reso, it gets full very fast!

Live music on Friday and Saturday nights!
Don’t they look firendly? Liz, on the left, is the owner and manager, she did a bang up job!
Romantic right?

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